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Marvel Cabinetry Method - Explained

Marvel Cabinetry Method – Explained

Know Your Cabinetry 

Plywood or melamine? One-piece or traditional five-piece doors? Polyurethane or traditional lacquer? The choices are endless! We hope you find this article helpful as you seek to understand how Marvel Cabinetry and Renovations can enrich your next home improvement project; Specializing in whole home renovations, and beautiful cabinetry built to last.

Plywood or Melamine?

Marvel builds it’s cabinetry boxes and drawers with plywood. Traditionally more difficult to work with, Marvel has been working with this material successfully for many years. Marvel has secured a supply chain to ensure that our plywood is top quality. Plywood is resistant to water which ensures that the smallest accident will not destroy your cabinetry as we’ve all seen with warped and bloated melamine product over the years. At Marvel, we overbuild our cabinetry to minimize and potential warpage or movement of the material, making our box the toughest on the market and giving you a cabinet you can depend on. 

One-Piece MDF or Traditional Five-Piece Doors?

Marvel is constantly expanding its line of designer one-piece mdf doors. We value innovation over the years we have discovered that a one-piece painted door is superior to a five-piece painted door. Marvel’s one-piece door is made with the highest quality mdf, being rated for exterior use. Stain-grade doors will typically hide micro-fractures in a five-piece door, whereas a paint-grade door will not, especially on a white door. We are happy to entertain both methods, although it is very difficult to say with absolute conviction that a paint-grade five-piece door will not micro-fracture when a five-piece door is not as structurally sound as our customizable one-piece door.  

Polyurethane or Traditional Lacquer?  

Marvel has migrated away from traditional lacquers over the years and have been tremendously successful employing a superior polyurethane product. Polyurethane paint is considered green once cured – this process takes about eight days. The advantage to this finish is also that it’s amazingly durable, and can be done in any degree of sheen from high gloss to flat.

Please reach out to Marvel directly if you have any questions about the information presented in this article. Email hello@marvelcabinetry.com or call our experts at 403-995-0228 and find out what we can do for you.

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