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A Retro Renewal

Marvel Participates in a raffle for The Alberta Children’s Hospital Foundation in partnership with the Love For Lewiston Foundation to give one lucky Albertan a brand new kitchen.

What does it feel like winning a $15,000 kitchen? At the Calgary Home and Garden show, Marvel Cabinetry partnered with Jessica Janzen of the Love for Lewiston Foundation to give one lucky winner the chance to find out. The Retro Renewal Renovation Package offered the winner a kitchen, designed by Rosalyn Lazaruk, of Wicket Blue Interiors. This kitchen was featured in the Retro Renewal booth at the show, then delivered and installed right in the winner’s home. The kitchen included a Kholer faucet, courtesy of The Ensuite Calgary, and their choice of stone countertop, courtesy Pacific Stone and Tile. Ticket sales raised over $4000 for the Alberta’s Children’s Hospital Foundation.

Love for Lewiston

The Love for Lewiston Foundation is a non-profit working to support local families, as they raise funds focused on treating and ultimately curing Spinal Muscular Atrophy (SMA). They support SMA research and the Alberta Children’s Hospital. About the raffle, Jessica, the founder of Love for Lewiston, said, “It’s amazing to give back to the Alberta Children’s Hospital, which is so dear to our hearts. It is also touching that the winner is so deserving.”

The winner, Maureen Wong, found winning the raffle to be particularly meaningful to the Wong family, as Maureen’s son, Emmanuel, spent the first seven years of his life in and out of the Alberta Children’s hospital and recovered in the house undergoing the kitchen renovation. She said, “I have the utmost thankfulness and appreciation to Marvel Cabinetry and Jessica.” Maureen feels a special connection to the Love for Lewiston Foundation as she understands the struggles that come with having a sick child. She was overjoyed that she could help raise funds for such a meaningful cause. Maureen said, “Bless the Alberta Children’s Hospital and the Love for Lewiston Foundation.”

“It’s amazing giving back to the Alberta Children’s Hospital, which is so dear to our hearts.”

Maureen was able to view her new Marvel kitchen in-person, as it was displayed at the Calgary Home and Garden show.  Jessica said of her partnership with the team, “Our goal for 2018 is to raise $200,000 and we raised $118,000 last year. It is scary to say out loud that you want to raise that much money but then amazing people out of nowhere partner with you to do it. That’s what Marvel Cabinetry did.

Marvel Cabinetry and Renovations also participated in their own booth at the show, which exemplified custom-made cabinetry potential clients would enjoy. This gave visitors the opportunity to interact with cabinets and witness the brands upstanding fit and finish for themselves. Visitors could view the interior construction of the cabinets and examine the quality of paint. Also, the booth featured iPads showcasing the 3D virtual tours clients of Marvel Renovations know and love. Additionally, the booth included the cabinet door that was infamously run through the dishwasher (watch the video on Marvel’s Instagram feed) to showcase the durability of Marvel’s polyurethane painted finish.  

“We’re excited to be impacting our community in a meaningful way. We wanted the kitchen to go to a good home after the show and that’s exactly what happened.”

The Calgary Home and Garden show was a meaningful opportunity for the Marvel team to engage with potential clients and the greater community. It was a rewarding experience, as the raffle demonstrated the power of partnering with other members of the Calgary community to give back.


Barbara Baker, Guest Blogger

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  • Paula Carson

    What material did you use in the construction of the Kitchen cabinet doors for Jeremy Renner ‘s moms condo? Maple?? Love the two toned kitchen.

    • Jacqueline Boyetchko

      Hi Paula! Great to hear from you and thank you for your question! We use an exterior grade MDF, finished with the highest quality polyurethane paint, allowing us to create custom door profiles that have the five-piece look without separation, cracking or chipping over time (unlike five piece wood doors). We also offer stain-grade wooden doors, but we love the creativity this method brings by allowing us to offer a five piece look for our painted product – and the options are endless! This was an incredible experience for us and we’re thankful for the opportunity to have worked with Jeremy, Drew and Jonathan on this special project!!

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