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Q&A Episode 001

Introducing a brand new weekly Marvel segment. This Q&A series is produced to give you more context about who Marvel is, provide insight, and give back to our audience. If you have a question you’d like answered in a future Q&A, please leave it in the comment section below! Follow us on Instagram and watch for our weekly callout in stories!

Your Questions

1 – How many people work for Marvel?
2 – What is the best cheesecake you’ve ever had?
3 – What is your favourite way to upgrade your builder grade kitchen on a budget?
4 – What is something many homeowners regret not adding to a new kitchen in a reno?
5 – Do you recommend clients work with an interior designer?
6 – What is the first step to working with you on a reno?
7 – What are the key differences clients are going to feel working with Marvel?
8 – How have you kept control and quality a focus during your growth?
9 – What design trends are you seeing and what have you had enough of?
10 – How does Jesse take his coffee? Asking for a friend.

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