Once you’ve made the decision to renovate, looking at finished work published by industry experts can be helpful in bringing a focus to your vision. You can view our work here.
Our showroom (by appointment only) is located 10 minutes south of Calgary in De Winton, AB. Call 4039950228, fill out the contact form on our website or email info@marvelcabinetry.com and we’d be happy to arrange a consult with you.
At our first visit we discuss everything openly and freely including the budget. Because an action plan is established at our first meeting, formal quotes are typically provided in as little as 2-5 business days depending on the size and scope of the work.
Everything is 100% custom at Marvel Cabinetry. With our design system you never have to settle for “standard cabinetry” which is why our clients are happier clients in the end.
We regularly lend out samples to our clients. If you have a specific colour or stain that you want to use we can have that matched as well.
4-6 weeks from sign-off is our standard for custom cabinets. While this time is appreciated, we are typically quicker and have completed small kitchens for clients in as little as 48 hours.
You get to see your vision come to life and will be able to see a near photo image of your cabinetry prior to sign off. When a project is complete, the design goes straight from computer to machine. The computer then optimizes the material for the entire project and arranges it to minimize waste. This not only reduces on-site modifications at the time of installation but it helps us deliver your product accurately and on time.
We value our clients and believe in growing and fostering relationships. Go to the bottom of our homepage to view client testimonials.
If you need a replacement part or piece, we are able to quickly and efficiently assist you. Please contact Marvel and we will be happy to assist.
Any repairs required will need to be assessed by a qualified member of our team and are typically completed within 2 weeks of inspection.
We can replicate any spec and can assist you with anything related to cabinetry and woodworking.
Ideas can be found by clicking through our project page. From there, check out the search engine on Houzz.com to view images pertaining to the look you wish to obtain.
Marvel Cabinetry houses one of the best design teams in Western Canada and we regularly share knowledge and offer design assistance to our clients. We have great relationships with some of the industry’s leading Interior Designers whom we can recommend to our clients upon request.
After our initial phone conversation we’ll set up a time to meet and bring door samples with us if needed. If you’d like to have some to look at for a longer period of time we can lend them to you as well.
Have you ever removed a handle from your ‘white cabinetry’ to find that your ‘white’ cabinets have actually yellowed over time? Many of our residential clients have experienced this and one way that we avoid that is by adding the UV finish as standard. You want your cabinets to last a lifetime so this is a non-optional advantage we give to all Marvel clients.
Yes, from start to finish you will communicate with one member of Marvel Cabinetry who is accountable to both you and our team. This simplifies the process and ensures that your vision clearly translates through every aspect of the project.
Once your project is complete, we will do an inspection of our work to ensure there are no remaining deficiencies.
Warm clean soapy water free of chemical and debris is always best, keeping in mind that you don’t want to saturate your cabinetry and or components with liquid.
Marvel provides an industry-leading 1-year warranty. Marvel also offers service outside of the warranty timeline (costs may apply).
Marvel electronically stores every single detail of each finished project. This allows us to access accurate information about the work we’ve completed for you years down the road.