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At Marvel Cabinetry, we strive to ensure our clients are familiar with the most recent design trends and functionality available to them when it comes to millwork in all areas of the home. To help inspire you in your upcoming build or renovation here are our TOP 5 ways to STAY ON TREND in 2016!

  • Classic White Bold colors are out and basic block colors are back! Sometimes the most understated details can bring the boldest design to your kitchen. In one of our most recent designs the beauty and cleanliness of white is not as stark as you might think. The warm, natural floating shelves and hood-fan are celebrated by the understated simplicity and functionality of a white kitchen – creating a warm backdrop as your family enjoys time together.
  • Maximized Kitchen Storage Gone are the days of reaching deep into your corner cabinet or digging into your drawers for lost pots and pans. Marvel’s designs are created not only with attention to aesthetic but also functionality-beautifully designed for your life! With the technology that we use the possibilities are endless – as you can see in this maximized storage solution.
  • Go contemporary – If you are looking for clean lines and bold design, this might be the year for you! Using flat fronts, contrasting finishes and bold shapes, a clean contemporary design can be established for you. By combining all of these elements Marvel met the clients need for contemporary design in outstanding fashion!
  • Commercial Grade Appliances – For the entertainers at heart, it’s all the rage! If you love to cook and host parties then there is no shame in equipping your kitchen to show off your talents while enjoying the highest efficacy. Clients now have a wide range of options when it comes to appliances and commercial grade is more widely available. With our custom designs the specifications for commercial grade are cleverly and creatively integrated into the plans – as you can see in this custom designed spice rack for our client’s home.
  • Personalized Cabinets – it’s obvious that the personalization of the home continues to be the trend for 2016 but for some it’s never been a viable option. With a few major consumer companies offering stock cabinets it’s becomes pretty easy for the buyer to get pushed ahead in the sale without proper research or even consideration towards custom cabinets. Here are your reasons to consider custom cabinets:
  1. Maximize Space Stock cabinets offer cost efficiency but can disappoint on many levels. Custom design can meet the specific needs of your family and effectively utilize space that cannot be addressed in a stock purchase.
  2. Home Value – Custom cabinets will increase the resale value of your home, without a doubt. They are of visually higher quality and a huge selling feature that is noticeable when the time comes to sell your house. The extra thousands you put into millwork in your kitchen, bathroom and living area can multiply to bring you tens of thousands upon the sale of your home!
  3. Attention to Detail – Attention to your specific lifestyle design needs and details is something you’ll receive when you go custom. Stock sellers may have kiosk stands and a representative handy, but specifications and requirements can easily get lost in translation and expectations are not always met. With custom cabinets you have the opportunity to make your needs abundantly clear and no one has to settle – EVER.
Jacqueline Boyetchko


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